5 Trends we're happy we left behind

Do you ever look back at old photos and cringe at what you wore? I feel you, it happens to ALL of us! We thought we would share our top 5 trends we never want to see again! 

1. Boots with the fur - If you don't automatically hear the TPain song repeat in your head, your too young for us. Seriously though, we were walking around looking like YETI's and we thought it was cute.Thank God, that's in the past!

2. Popped collars - again, yet another trend that had a song made after it! Why? Woman and Men are both guilty and there was NO reason why we should have continued this preppy vampire trend. I hope my kids don't judge me too much for it!

3. Jordan (or any sneaker) Heels - not sure where to begin on this but it happened and it was everywhere. Thank the Lord for the Glow Up!

4. Extremely low rise denim- Let's just say, I dare my kids to try and leave the house like this...

5. Last but not least, Juicy Couture sweats - I have always felt like having a JUICY billboard on your butt shouldn't have been a thing but yet here we are, looking back at such a tragedy. I know a few people that had every single color in this velor tracksuit and may or may not still own one LOL. 

If you have any trends your happy you left behind, let us know in the comments! 





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