5 Ways to be Happier Everyday

So it’s already April and your feeling like you haven’t even started to hit that mark you set for yourself. Maybe feeling a bit left behind. Are you feeling like you're constantly trying to keep up? Stop comparing yourself! It’s that simple. The day you stop comparing yourself to others and their status or accomplishments (at any level) you will start to feel gratified with your own amazing accomplishments!

I have 5 simple rules I like to live by & thought I would share. 

1. Remember Instagram is a “Best Of” Reel

-When you see these amazing photos, amazing shopping sprees stop digging too much into it. For all you know, those bags could be empty. So why are “wishing” you could have the same? It’s all a gimmick. The game will run you if you don’t run it. It’s that simple. 

2. Secure your circle

-Get a good team of genuine friends around you. The type of friends that will support and lift you up. Let go of all the other nonsense. It’s 2019. If you can’t be honest with the people around you, you need to cut the cord. No need to explain yourself. Do what’s best for you! You’ll breathe a sigh of relief after. 

3.  Set Attainable goals

- We do the most to ourselves don’t we? For example, if you’ve never saved money in your life and your New Years resolution was to save $10k by the end of the year. It’s April and you haven’t even put aside $10?!  Staaahp it! Start small and work your way up. This rule can be used for any goal. You’ll stress less about it and you’ll be satisfied at the little progress made.

4. Relax

-How to do you “Relax”? Is it shopping? Wine night with the girls? Some of my friends say it’s a simple nail appointment! Whatever it is, do more of that. You’re the best version of you, when you're happy. Show more of that side. You’ll think & feel better. Make YOU a priority.

5. Pave your own lane & stay in it

-Work on your dream. Your goals. Your drive. Block out everything else that is a distraction. When the road gets hazy, if you don’t have that solid white line on the road guiding you...you’ll run into oncoming traffic. See where I’m going here? Don’t let anyone else write your story.



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