90's Fashion is BACK!

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I'm so here for this!! First, let's start with why we are seeing a comeback... The answer is, the 90's were everything!! Why wouldn't it make a comeback? How can you look chic and modern with some 90's staples? Let's jump in to my Top 3 every girl needs in her closet! 

SLIP DRESSES- Always subtle and chic. There is something super modern about a slip dress that takes your look to another level. 


CULOTTES- These were my favorite!! I had so many that I color coded my closet with them (extreme type A, even as a kid). What i adore about culottes is that they are flattering regardless of body shape or size. Stretchy or Denim, I love them all! Click here to see our latest Culottes.  


SWEATER VESTS- Slowly making a comeback because these are a fall/winter favorite. It's a preppy look so not for everyone but when you do wear it with a cute skirt and knee highs, it's a whole vibe! 


Are you going to try any of these looks? Let us know on Instagram @luxexxv - I'd love to see your pics and hear your thoughts! 


Luxe XXV

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