Beach Bag Essentials

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A Day at the beach sounds amazing right now! Before you head out, don't forget these essentials! 

Sand Proof Beach Blankets are a thing and it's amazing! Everyone hates laying out a towel and anytime you get up and lay back down it's full of sand! This is your solution, my dear! These towels are sand proof so you can skip having to shake the sand out of them-it simply rolls right off! So many fun prints and colors to choose from, there is something for everyone. Click here to check out some fun sand proof towel prints! 

Sunscreen is at the top of the list because it's a must! Regardless of your race, your skin should be protected at all times. To be honest, I grew up never knowing it was needed! No one in my family really felt the need to wear it. As an adult, I now understand the importance of skin protection. When you don't wear sunscreen you are at risk of skin cancer, emphasized or permanent scarring, harmful and damaging UV rays and the list goes on! Protect your skin at all times, Sis! Shop some SPF options here.

Portable Beach Canopy because, why not?! Stay breezy in the shade while still laying out. Check out these fun canopy's here.

Reusable Water Bottle is an obvious essential but so many people forget it. Get yourself a YETI and your drinks will stay cool all day long! Staying hydrated will help you avoid those horrible headaches you get while being out in the sun all day. Click here to see a few of my faves.

Water Proof Games are a fun way to pass the time on the beach. I love a card game but once they get wet-it's a done deal! These waterproof cards are a perfect addition to your beach bag! Click here to shop some options!

That wraps up the top 5 list! Have a great rest of your summer and enjoy that beach time! 



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