Crop Top Galore

Posted by Delilah Shepard on

We've decided.... You need Crop's in your closet!! 

This year it's all about being comfortable in your skin. Wearing what you want and how you want to! Crop Tops embody the perfect amount of sex appeal you need! 

How to find the perfect Crop Top for you: 

1. Focus on your body type and what you are comfortable with. There are many different options of crops! Including plunging neckline, bralette cut or even ruched tops you can adjust how much tummy you want to show. 

2. Choose the perfect size for you. Crop Tops are obviously shorter cut than a regular top. Some clients like to go up a size in a crop top to have a tiny bit more length. Personally, I like to do the same. Usually I am a S/M but I choose to only wear my crops in Medium.

3. Be Confident!! Not everyone is a size 2 and that's exactly how it should be. That doesn't mean you can't wear a certain type of style.This is where "Step 2" comes in handy. Choose the perfect size for you.  Different body types and shapes are just as beautiful as the next.... be confident in all that you wear. 


Have fun this summer mix and matching your crop tops and make sure to tag us on Instagram! @LuxeXXV



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