Dainty Must Haves

When it comes to jewelry, old are the days with giant statement pieces for your everyday look. The days that you wore huge stones that bordered your entire neckline. Dainty jewelry is in and they are a must have for summer. When looking for a go to piece, a dainty style is not only lightweight but a staple. Especially when these necklaces are layered. Layering two or three pieces gives off an expensive look that will take an outfit from drab to fab. Gold tones truly stand out more so than silver. We all know these necklaces are just "costume jewelry" however, there is no reason why you can't have standards. Here are two things you can look for in your search for a dainty necklace... 

#1 Is the design a neutral? Meaning, can I wear it with everything? I try to stay away from any necklace that has too much going on. For example, the necklace chain itself will be super dainty, with a large agave stone, name plate and rhinestones all in one... Not so dainty. Are you following me? 

#2 Is it worth it? Is this piece something that you cannot live without?  These pieces will be everywhere for summer and they go fast. If you set your eyes on one, don't pass up an opp to buy a piece you fell in love with but also, don't break your pocket doing so. 

I hope you find this helpful! Check out our accessories and our latest new arrivals. 

XO, Delilah  






































































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