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Let's talk about the bags!

Literally, a subject I can discuss all day. I've said this many times and it's still true today..."Handbags are apart of your accessories". Just how you wouldn't wear specific jewelry with an outfit, the same rule applies to your handbags. 

*Sidenote: Having an essential handbag is also key. Something neutral you can grab in a hurry that will flatter your overall look. 

Now, with that being said-each year we have new trends to look forward to. Some are of course, just fads and others become closet staples. I have compiled a breakdown of the latest bag styles trending this season. These styles have been worn by celebs, featured in magazines and styled for the runway and soon you will be rocking them too!

I'm excited we will have a few options of our own for you to choose from at Luxe XXV!

Let's dive in-


Bright and fun! This summer line up is fantastic! Full of vibrant colors you can mix and match with! You can get away with wearing a colorful outfit to match or pair your bag with a neutral look and make it a statement piece!




These carryall netted totes are a fun collection add on. They are effortless and made of different materials such as leather or rope. Possibly not your go-to bag but your most chic/effortless option. You can pair this style bag with a soft linen look or your favorite denim and T-shirt combo.




Loving this trend because of the material and classic look. Classic, that's what comes to mind when you see this bag! They come in all different shapes and sizes but the consistency is the material being soft cushion leather or vegan leather. This bag can be worn dressed up for a night out or even a quick outing to run errands. It's this years TOP bag!



Are you confused yet? Welp, you read that right! Water bottle holder as a bag is the latest trend we are seeing. This is clearly a push to use less plastic and go green. These bags fit reusable water bottles and some can even be attached to your totes (see below). I think we can all agree this is a fad that may not last long. We love the push for less plastic use but to be honest, throw the water bottle in your regular bag and go, sis. This isn't a bag you will need but a bag to make a statement for you trendy ladies out there! 




Secretly, I love this trend! If you know anything about Kathy Hilton, it's almost like she started this trend (see RHOBH Season 11 EP 8). You can carry your entire life in here plus a small child. As a mom, having space for all of your things, plus your kids toys and the snacks they always request at the worst times, isn't easy. The extra large tote trend is your solution! Not for everyone but for those of you who feel that mom pain, this is for you my loves!  


Now that we've walked you through the lineup for this year, what do you think? Could you rock some of these looks? Leave a comment on our Instagram page and tell us what you think! Don't forget to follow @LuxeXXV 



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