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Today's blog is all about running a small business. There are so many up's and downs to the process and it takes time to find your groove. Luxe XXV is coming up on it's 8yr anniversary come January 2022 (insert happy dance*)! Through trial and errors I have a list of business tips to share with anyone wanting to start or already running a small business... 

1. Schedule, Schedule, Schedule.... it's as simple as that. For me, scheduling and making a priority list has taken my business to the next level. Making time for the "little things" is crucial. Here's a real example of what my schedule looks like. Depending on my goals for the week, this schedule may be a bit longer but the key is CONSISTENCY!! 

  • Review weekly Sales goals
  • Review and respond to emails 
  • Track Expenses
  • Review Content Planner
  • Prep and Post weekly content
  • Stock new product in WH and on Site
  • Respond to Reviews
  • Work on Blog
  • Process Orders

2. Organize your stock room, warehouse or wherever you keep your product, weekly! I take inventory quarterly and truly go above and beyond to maintain my stock area because it's the most precious part of my business. My product is my bread and butter so if that is not right, the business isn't right. When new product is received, I review the packing slip and then stock everything by size and label the bins for easy access. It's made my operation run much more efficiently. 

3. Delegate! It's obvious as a small business owner, you wear many hats. Many times this is to preserve some coins and allocate your funds elsewhere. At some point, things can get a little crazy being a one man band. If things are a little hectic, try to find someone to lean on for smaller tasks such us an "order runner", someone who can drop off your orders to ship out! Whatever your "small task" may be, lean on someone who can relieve you to focus on a different part of your business. 

4. Refresh your site! Take log of your analytics and refresh your site weekly with Best Sellers! Customers want to stay in the know of what is hot at the moment. Highlight that product and feature it on your site! 

5. Personalize your communication with your customers. Emails, SMS marketing, Order notes, etc. Add a personal touch to everything so customers can know how much you appreciate their business! Little things really make the difference. 

If you ever have a question on any business tips from my personal experience, feel free to DM me on Insta @DelilahMari I'm always happy to help! 



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