Summer sandal you need!

Summer has arrived and we are ready for it (minus the Texas heat, ain't nobody got time for that). This season brings a need for the best summer sandal and you already know what it is... Summer Slides! Weather it is a sandal with a small heel or completely flat, this shoe is it girls. You can accomplish so many looks with it that it really is a "must have" purchase. Let's not leave out the fact that it is travel season and you need to pack light (read past blog). Slides will get you through that crazy TSA line and on the beach in no time. Dressing these babies up or down is easy. If you go for more of a simple or plain side, you can choose that for an every day look. Slides with a little extra spunk like pearls will make such a bold statement in a smooth way. Wear them with skinny's, maxi dress or shorts. Any way you wear it, you'll look amazing! They also make great gifts for Graduation, Birthdays, College Send Off's or just a "have fun on your trip" type of gift! This shoe does not disappoint and you'll be happy you made the purchase. 

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XO, Delilah 

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