Top 10 Fall Trends!

I love everything about fall especially when it comes to the trends!! From the Layers to the color schemes, we have you covered with the Top 10 Trends to keep an eye out for this season! 

1. HOT PINK-Ummmm, Yes Please!!! Pop of color in Fall-why not? You don't have to wear dark and plain colors anymore. Hot Pink is pushing through and I'm loving it! 

2. KNITS-This isn't a surprise to anyone but the newness is the style of knits. Much sexier and chic sweaters, oversized tops etc. Easily paired with mini's and tights!

3. STATEMENT COATS-I'm living for this! From the bubble sleeves to the the embellished backs, you can pair a statement coat with jeans and a white T and look like you just came off the NYC runway! 

4. REPTILE PRINT- I am finding this print everywhere! This is a huge statement this fall and a must have in your closet, don't be left behind this season! Look super chic pairing an all black outfit with a reptile print skirt or belt!

5. MONOCHROME-Let's get real, this trend is not going to die any time soon. Since 2017 it has taken over! Extremely simple to accomplish and you can nail it every single time. One color from head to toe can be great for an effortless look and easy on your pockets. 

6. METALLIC- Be bold and stand out- stop shying away from a bold piece when it can be so simple! Metallic trend can now be found even on shades and it is super sleek! Just one and done, please don't drown yourself in it, this trend can go Left very quickly so take baby steps!

7. MINI DRESS-Mini Dresses are screaming Holiday Party. Add some sequins or a pop of color in your shoe and you are ready to Champagne the night away!

8. 80's THEME-You know exactly what I'm talking about... You've seen celebs and even your favorite IG influencers in the white boots or booties with the tiny narrow heel. When done the right way its perfection, but just like the Metallic trend... this look can definitely go wrong fast so be minimal with it.

9. RAIN BOOTS- Most people look over a good rain boot but I have seen more and more luxury designers do the Rain Boot look RIGHT! These boots are more so like riding boots now and you can wear them all day vs. just a necessary boot to keep your "good shoes" from getting poured on! My favorites have been by Ralp Lauren and Louis Vuitton!

10. SUEDE MINI SKIRTS- MINI's have taken over ladies! Especially the mini's with texture to it. I have seen suede but Velvet, Leather & Corduroy are climbing there way up the ladder! This may be the easiest way to dress your outfit up. Switch your jeans out for a textured skirt and pair with your fave sweater and booties! It is one of my favorite go to looks! 

What Trends are you loving this season??  Leave a comment below and maybe we will have to add your faves into our Fall Collection! 

Have a great Week, XO 


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