Traveling Light & Chic

Ladies, you know the struggle is real when trying to pack light but still pulling the best from your closet. To finesse your way through your trip and still keep it cute, I have a few tips.

#1 Don't pack the night before. Start at least 3 days prior to your trip by pulling pieces aside that are your "must haves" for your time away. Try them on, take pictures and see how they photograph. This will eliminate the "Yes Ma'am!!" outfits from the "Sis, you tried it" outfits (you know exactly what I mean). Give yourself time to narrow down your choices and stay away from packing in a rush. 

#2 Plan your outfits ahead depending on the activity or schedule for the day. If this trip is a Vegas trip, you'll be walking in circles around town and day drinking for hours. Let's be honest, walking side ways in a heel and trying to keep it all together is not a good look. Plan a gorgeous summer maxi and some comfy pearl slides to still make a bold statement that is super chic.

#3  Pack staple pieces that you can wear with multiple outfits. For example, pack an outfit that will take you from day to night with the switch of a shoe. Or pack one trendy handbag that will make a statement with every look. This saves some major space in your suitcase and allows you to transform you look quickly and effortlessly. Extra room in the suitcase = More opportunity to shop... Don't tell your husbands about that tip!

Summer is around the corner! Shop our newest arrivals to complete your vacation looks.  I hope this helps you pack a little differently on your next venture. Safe Travels!

XO, Delilah 

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