Wedding Season

We are now in June and you know what that means! Wedding Season is upon us and outfit breakdowns begin. I love the process of picking the outfit & planning all of the details like accessories and shoes. I have a few tips that may make choosing the right look a little easier this season.

1. Choose a pop of color... This season, bright colors are a must. Right now, we are seeing a lot of the nice and bright color Yellow. It's a gorgeous color that is suitable for all skin tones and perfect for the summer time. Go ahead and make that bold move!  

2. Details, Details, Details... Less is more when it comes to being a wedding "guest". We have all seen those token guests walk in dripping in sequins and glitter. Making it almost impossible to stare directly at them, something like the sun. This is just all wrong. It's important to make a statement with your outfit but make sure it's subtle, and not a slap in the face. Try a gorgeous dress with a train..They say the Bride should be the only one in White, but no one has ever mentioned she should be the only one with a train. If your not bold enough to go that route, try a great back detailed dress. This is sure to make heads turn!

3. Handle the Heel... Before going to a wedding, ensure you can actually where the shoes for some time. The last thing you need is to be prancing around the venue, barefoot. All because the heel wasn't as comfortable as you expected. Do you really want to be captured in someones Insta Story going in on a Beyonce song, in a gorgeous dress and barefoot? No, no, no. The only way to avoid this is with good preparation. Pick your heel and go to brunch in them and break those bad boys in. You'll thank me later!

Enjoy this seasons Weddings! Being a witness to love is amazing, but even better when your stylin' and profilin'!

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-XO Delilah

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